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How to waterproof a wall, with water table humidity

24 de June 2010
The appearance of damp basements, garages, walls, moats of lift, etc... It is one of the most common construction vices that cause unhealthy environments and the degradation of coatings. The solution will depend on the location and type of humidity detected. This system involves the application of a carbon product that penetrates into the capillaries of the crystallizing and structure making part of it in a uniform way. In this case we will try how to solve phreatic moisture in walls. In the first place must take into account, the thickness of the wall to waterproof, according to which one of the two procedures will apply to: Procedure of application of a DIGESTION at surface level by saturation. Procedure by injection of the MINERALIZER on the inside of walls. Taking into account the thickness of the wall waterproofing: approx. 20 cm wall: the procedure to be followed is the implementation of the MINERALIZER superficial by saturation. The treatment is carried out only one side of the wall, and can perform well by the inner face of the wall, or external. Approx. 40 cm wall: the procedure to be followed is the implementation of the MINERALIZER superficial by saturation. The treatment is performed on both sides of the wall. More than 40 cm walls: the procedure to be followed is the injection of the MINERALIZER. Procedure of application of mineralizer masonry 20 cm thick that can only be treated by a face, or walls of 40 cm thick that can be treated by both sides (see graphic) walls plastered with gypsum: remove the plaster up to a height of 30 or 40 cm, counting from the ground level. Plastered with cement mortar and painted walls: remove the paint. Wet the wall by calculating that the water has penetrated in the wall about 20 cm. Once the wall has absorbed the water, proceed to the application of the MINERALIZER to total saturation. The digestion can be applied by spray, brush or roller, known 30 or 40 centimeters above the ground, thus, creating a barrier against the hair lift. After 36 hours, it is advisable to apply a multiple action additive, which will prevent the growth of quartz recommendation: since the digestion is composed of microscopic particles of quartz, it is fundamental that the wall absorbs water up to 20 cm of depth for the particles of quartz is slide by capillaries achieving in this way a correct waterproofing of the wall. Procedure of application of mineralizer (by injection) for walls more than 40 cm thick (see graphic) 1 - perform two lines of holes along the wall to seal: 1st row of holes: above the row of holes rodapie2ª: at a distance of 40 cm, starting from the ground 2 - fill holes with water, up to saturation. 3 - Once this well saturated with water wall, empty the rest of water contained in the taladros.4 - then fill with the digestion until the wall completely saturated. In this way the wall will be waterproof to 100%.

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