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CERTIFICATION ISO 9001/2008 and 14001/2004

Conscious of the importance of continuous improvement of our production processes and certification ISO 9001:2008 performing stringent controls that ensure the highest quality and confidence in our products, services and systems, with a respect for the environment EXPOQUIMICA, S.L. has obtained the certification according to standards of quality ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001 environmental management: 2004. The certification has been awarded after an audit process by the demanding agency Bureau Veritas Quality International.

EXPOQUIMICA obtained the CERTIFICATION ISO 9001/2008 and 14001/2004 in 2006. This certificate came to acknowledge the implementation and efficacy of our quality system, and as a company positioned us further on this path of continuous improvement to meet the target we have set, to respond to the expectations of our customers. From the of EXPOQUIMICA principles we have always been aware that the growth of our company had to go together, without exception, to improve daily to respond to the expectations of our clients, ultimately give answers in quality.




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Jointing adhesive for building materials

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Natural permanent odor air freshener

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