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How to waterproof with no neccessity of job, a roof with red tiles. 30 de January 2012

In the market is multiple proofing systems, some require prior work, others do not give option to cover remain passable.


Suitable for waterproofing product is a waterproofing-based acrylic rubber, easy to apply, without work, without gaskets or welds and a minimum weight or load on the roof for this system. The product is integrated into building material, creating a single membrane in the cover 100%.

We focus on the solution that we offer you, the procedure to follow for any cover of tile or other flooring, waterproofing would be the following:

  1. Repair the surface, removing loose tiles, cracks or fissures, etc. Clean of dust or debris. reparacion
  2. Once the cover is completely dry, proceed to the application of a first coat of product as primer, by applying the product diluted in 20% water.
  3. Once dry to the touch primer, place "veil of glass" with horizontal as vertical meetings: formwork panels, vents, ducts of ventilation, etc. and set with a layer of waterproofing in its purest form. aplicacion de velo
  4. Placement of "mesh fiberglass" over the entire cover. aplicacion de malla de fibra de vidrio
  5. Apply a second coat of waterproofing in its purest form.
  6. Finally, apply two successive layers of waterproofing in its purest form. resultado final

In this way the cover will be completely waterproofed. As a general rule after 48 hours and depending on weather conditions the cover may be busy with normality.productos revimca

For a superior finish, apply a "special base sealant water", which as well as providing an aesthetic improvement, prevents adhesion of dust and dirt making easier cleaning.

Finally, we highlight this waterproofing product is applicable on any previous waterproofing and all kinds of support.

Video demostrativo impermeabilización

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The broken windows syndrome 23 de November 2011

In the city of New York sociologists have given a meaning to this phrase "pintada.jpgbroken window theory" principle is very simple, is part of a building in a particular place that is empty or unmaintained. At any given time, a window is broken. If this window is not repaired or replaced by a new, soon a second broken window will appear. Some sooner. After this, garbage will begin to pile up in the entrance doors and other places from the outside. A feeling of insecurity and abandonment which will increase until they make Act of presence the first marauders, even some other small-time offenders. A degradation that will end up attracting a focus of crime around the place in which the building is located.

Have special attention to a sign of Graffiti, by smaller, that need immediate attention.

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How to waterproof a swimming pool 01 de March 2011

A correct waterproofing of the glass of the same is required for optimum operation and extension of the useful life of a swimming pool.

A construction of the pool well programmed avoids work unnecessary in the future.

Reinforced concrete construction is adapted to the different types of soils. This type of material is much used in pool construction since it can settle on any terrain.

The use of a waterproofing that will apply diluting in the water of the kneading and which must be in proportion to the weight of cement is recommended.

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How to plug water pipes and abundant filtrations quickly 01 de March 2011

impermeabilizar1.jpgFor making emergency repairs to leaks and seepage of water pressure (tanks, wells, pools, tunnels, basements, pits of lift, etc), necessary materials fast setting, that stop the water instantly.

Rapid-setting shutters, which are features expansive hydraulic cement and which stop immediately these leaks and leaks is recommended for this type of repair. It is imperative to knead the product, just as it will be applied and in small masses since forge quickly. It is recommended that once such repair and after approximately 24 hours, applies on the repair a waterproofing for wet walls.

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How to clean rests of concrete 25 de June 2010

If you made a work and have been remains of cement impregnated on the ground there are a number of specific products to remove cement and similar materials.

Professionals in the field of construction know them very well, but many fans still do not have evidence of the existence of this type of product. When we have carried out a reform which involved make important works in the housing, the remains of products such as cement surfaces are inevitable. Although we clean with water and sponge thoroughly after work, the thin film that leave most of the materials is very difficult to remove. And what about the typical lump of cement that has been on the ground and then dried... While they often go well with a spatula, then they're a fence that is very clear. As special products that act as a descaler, very effective are used to solve these problems and that removed all traces without leaving a trace.

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How to waterproof a basement 25 de June 2010

The appearance of damp in basement is a fairly common construction Vice causing unhealthy environments and the degradation of coatings.

This system involves the application of a carbon product that penetrates into the capillaries of the structure crystallizing and be part of it in a uniform way.

Through the use of a digestion, can be solution achieving a perfect waterproofing and avoiding further moisture.

The procedure to be followed is as follows:


Procedure of application of mineralizer (by injection)

     Make lines of holes along the wall to seal:

  • The lateral distance between holes must be 40 cms.
  • Distance between lines of drill must be equally 40 cms.
  • The first line of drills must be 10 cms above the soil level.


Fill the holes with water, up to saturation.

Once this well saturated with water wall, empty the remaining water contained in drills.

We then fill with the digestion until the wall completely saturated. (will be filled repeatedly until no more product support).

Then holes will fill with cement and sand. After 36 hours, it is advisable to apply a multiple action additive, which will prevent the growth of quartz.


In this way the wall will be waterproof to 100%

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How to waterproof a wall, with water table humidity 24 de June 2010

The appearance of damp basements, garages, walls, moats of lift, etc... It is one of the most common construction vices that cause unhealthy environments and the degradation of coatings.

The solution will depend on the location and type of humidity detected. This system involves the application of a carbon product that penetrates into the capillaries of the crystallizing and structure making part of it in a uniform way. In this case we will try how to solve phreatic moisture in walls.


In the first place must take into account, the thickness of the wall to waterproof, according to which one of the two procedures will apply to:

  1. Procedure of application of a MINERALIZER at surface level by saturation.
  2. Procedure by injection of the MINERALIZER on the inside of walls.

Taking into account the thickness of the wall waterproofing:

  • Approx. 20 cm wall: the procedure to be followed is the implementation of the MINERALIZER superficial by saturation. The treatment is carried out only one side of the wall, and can perform well by the inner face of the wall, or external.
  • Approx. 40 cm wall: the procedure to be followed is the implementation of the MINERALIZER superficial by saturation.
  • The treatment is performed on both sides of the wall.
  • More than 40 cm walls: the procedure to be followed is the injection of the MINERALIZER.

Procedure of application of mineralizer masonry 20 cm thick that can only be treated by a face, or walls of 40 cm thick that can be treated by both sides (see graphic)


  1. walls plastered with gypsum: remove the plaster up to a height of 30 or 40 cm, counting from the ground level. Plastered with cement mortar and painted walls: remove the paint.
  2. Wet the wall by calculating that the water has penetrated in the wall about 20 cm.
  3. Once the wall has absorbed the water, proceed to the application of the MINERALIZER to total saturation. The digestion can be applied by spray, brush or roller, known 30 or 40 centimeters above the ground, thus, creating a barrier against the hair lift.
  4. After 36 hours, it is advisable to apply a multiple action additive, which will prevent the growth of quartz.

Recommendation: since the digestion is composed of microscopic particles of quartz, it is fundamental that the wall absorbs water up to 20 cm of depth for the particles of quartz is slide by capillaries achieving in this way a correct waterproofing of the wall.

Procedure of application of mineralizer (by injection) for walls more than 40 cm thick (see graphic)


1 - Perform two lines of holes along the wall to seal:

1st row of holes: above the row of holes rodapie

2ª: at a distance of 40 cm, starting from the ground


2 - fill holes with water, up to saturation.

3 - Once this well saturated with water wall, empty the rest of water contained in the taladros.

4 - then fill with the digestion until the wall completely saturated.

In this way the wall will be waterproof to 100%.

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How to get an effective cleaning of the swimming pool 10 de May 2010




Prepare the pool for summer is not so complicated. In these lines we will give you a few tips to keep your pool in good condition and at the same time be able to sanitize it accordingly. First proceed to make the pool drain, once it is without water are recognisable cracks or defects that remained there for a long period, as well as deep cleaning of the same.

Below we provide some tips on how to remove algae and dirt which tends to soak up in the background as in the walls.


The time cleaning which is the emptying of pool must be clean it piscina3.jpgdeeply, in addition to - not least - the possibility of detecting defects generated in the structure of the pond. To remove dirt, we will need a descaling and much will clarify the water with which we're cleaning, we will make a white cement and Grout so fill them, then we will at least leave them to dry for 8 hours in case that there are cracks in the tile and are very deep. We will then apply an anti-algae concentrated over the entire surface of the pool. Another important step in this process is to review the vessel, there may be cracks in the pipes, or if it is work, some of the tiles can be detached; to counteract this, the ideal is the epoxy adhesive. This material consists of Putty with high adhesive properties, and its main advantage is that the water does not affect its characteristics. We have made the emptying of pool, fixed the damage and now it is necessary to clean thoroughly, this work will be done with brushes. Before filling the pool we must verify that the State of the skimmer, filter pump and the skimmer, are in perfect condition.

Maintenance so our pool is perfectly ready for the summer baths must have always at hand a series of indispensable products. Necessary for the proper conservation of water.

Chlorine is used to disinfect water; can be bought in powder, granules or tablets. This type of products with high content of chlorine acids removed the lime scale and organic deposits that remain on the walls and in the funds.

The descaling agent: special to finish with dirt encrusted by the disuse of the winter. While these chemicals are very strong, it will be necessary to wipe started the dirt that accumulates during nine months without using the container of the pool. It is suitable to protect themselves by strong gases emitted by these products.

The algae or algaecides are another of the essential for the correct maintenance of the pool. These liquids work thanks to the action of ammonium compounds that prevent the formation of algae, bacteria and other germs.

piscina4.jpgRegulates odours and flocculants

To the action of both products, we can add the use of modifiers or regulators of pH, acid products that reduce the pH of the water of the pools, so that he is not aggressive with the skin of bathers. The use of these acids is essential for the health of the pool. We can also use flocculants ending with residues that are floating in the water, as well as other more specialized cleaning agents. The use of disinfectants, anti-algae, regulators and flocculants is enough to keep the crystal clear pool water.

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How to protect the marble 03 de March 2010

Marble is a material that well care presents an unmistakable shine. Keep it helps your conservation and durability.

It is a fairly porous, absorbs stains easily, but at the same time it gives us the benefit that its spots tend to quit with success if you act promptly.





To avoid any kind of stains, scratches and dirt,







we recommend applying a shine that protects the marble. This helps cover pores and the surface becomes more smooth, glossy and easy to clean.

To keep the marble original qualities, we recommend that whenever the cleaning of the marble relic, use cleaner brightener for daily use marble.

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